Garage Conversion Sydney - TestimonialDear Ray,

I’m writing to say thanks to you and the Wal Robbins team for our recent renovation. Not only did you produce a great end result, it was also an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Your team did an amazing job throughout the renovation and were all-round fun to have around. As well as being professional and skilled, they often went above and beyond what was expected and helped out in lots of ways that made the process easier.

A few special mentions:

  • To ‘Carpenter’ Mick for his work on the gorgeous pergola and for returning time and time again to finish off all the little things from door knobs to dryer exhausts

  • To ‘Sadie’ Mick for helping to solve the pergola design and then turning up post‐flu to replace and weld metal posts. And to Apprentice Mick (you really need to hire some people with different names) for supporting the other two Micks through it all

  • To Charlie for showing me how to put some muscle into tile cleaning, not to mention his fantastic tiling skills. I’ve since had other tradespeople comment on the quality of his work

  • To Dave for helping to solve the laundry design while he was there doing his day job ie: the electrical work

  • To Ben who resolved any plumbing issue that came up with a smile

  • To the team back at the office – yourself, Bali, Casey and Marian – because nothing was ever a problem

  • Last but not least to Leigh for supervising the whole project. He made things happen, solved problems all the way through, got his hands dirty, gave advice freely and made sure things were always finished and delivered as promised. Not to mention, he provided some important extras like teaching me the correct way to kick an AFL ball to my 5 year old son.

Best of luck in the future, I would definitely recommend Wal Robbins to anyone looking for a builder.

Fiona Day

Dulwich Hill

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