Letter - Liverpool ExtensionDear Wal Robbins team,

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that was involved in building our first home addition. It turned out just as we had hope it would and we now feel that our home is complete.

Everything went smoothly for the most part given the length of the project and every one of the tradesmen were absolutely courteous and professional. We must take this opportunity to give special thanks to John B for listening to us and coming up with the design. To Kev and team, we looked forward to seeing them every day at 7am and was excited every night to go home to see the progress of the renovation. Elie and team, what a wonderful painter and person. Charlie and team, he has given us the dream bathroom that we've always wanted. Paul and team, he satisfied all our requests, did a great job and enjoyed sharing a few stories which was always fun. To Steve, we were always amazed at what he could do alone in a day and he was absolutely fantastic. To everyone else that we may have just met briefly, including Roger and team, Sondra, John, Adam and those that we didn't get the pleasure to meet, thank you for everything, we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you. Last but not least, David, you're a star. You have been patient and accommodating for us. Nothing was too hard and everything was possible. You made living there whilst the work was being done easy and always kept us up to date on everything.

It is with a team like Wal Robbins that makes a company succeed. We would highly recommend them to anyone. It has been a few months since completion now and we are still enjoying every moment of it and we both agree, it's the best thing we've done.

Kind regards,
Thanh and Tania Khong


Letter - Westleigh ExtensionTo Sondra & Team,

Enclosed please find a cheque for $28,112.00, being final payment for the work at the above address.

We would like to thank you all for the success of our project.  All the people with whom we have had contact have been very helpful, competent and professional. 

The whole experience was “pain free”, with minimal disruption and we are thrilled with the result.

Yours faithfully,

Sue Mattinson
Barton Furse-Roberts


Dear Ray,

What a team!!!

Maryanne and I just could not let the completion of our renovation pass without indicating our immense appreciation to you and your team for the magnificent job done.

It seems so long ago since you first sat in our old dining room gently guiding us, providing ideas, alternate products and options to give us what we wanted in our new home.  You built an air of credibility and professionalism for yourself and your company with your easy going manner, and your attention to detail, all of which gave us a great sense of confidence that we had made the right selection in choosing Wal Robbins Additions as our builder.

Over the twelve months since that initial meeting, you and your team just kept on confirming that choice.  Never once did we have cause to think or feel any other way.

On a handshake, we were on our way with the structural alterations to the old kitchen – dining room to allow our kitchen contractor to do his installation.  Then, two months later and three weeks prior to the appointed date, you asked if you could start the real thing… we were ecstatic!  So, on the 14th January, we began to meet your team and experience “living” with them.  From the care the scaffolders took in doing very minimal damage to our extensive garden through the constant updates and forecasts from John and then Bali (pandering to our every concern) to the friendly yet unobtrusive daily interaction with whoever was on site, but mainly Kev and Justin.  It was so natural having them around, it was as if long term house guests had left us after they were finished with job.  Scott in particular enjoyed this time.

Then, at the agreed time, everything came together, almost magically…..and the job was finished, despite the breaking of the drought for almost the entire time we were without a roof!

We began to miss the activity and the people.  Who will be here today with a smile and banter?  What will it look like tonight when we get home?  Of course, there were a couple of hitches, how could there not be with such a project?  However, the problems were always dealt with in an up front, transparent yet totally amiable manner.

We must commend also your selection of subcontractors and suppliers.  Our particular thanks go to Kara at Thrifty Discounts at Granville, John at Stronghold Wardrobes, the team from Kirrawee Stairs and Nigel of All Suburbs Guttering.  We also wish to mention the professionalism of the tilers, George the gyprocker and Dave the electrician.  Then there was Sondra, what a lovely lady?  Made making the progress payments almost painless!

Special mention must go to John Harwood and Bali Reyes.  We started with John as our site supervisor, technically unsurpassed, ever the professional and great to deal with.  Then, along came Bali, his initiation, we think as supervisor.  A more delightful person would be hard to find.  He addressed all of our concerns more than satisfactorily, was always contactable and willing to assist wherever he could.  Both of these gentlemen successfully oversaw and co-ordinated all of the other tradespersons that we had organised, eg air-conditioning installers, timber flooring suppliers and polishers, and finally the painters.  What excellent ambassadors to an excellent company in a sometimes much maligned industry, keep up the good work!

In closing Ray, we must say we thoroughly recommend the services of Wal Robbins Additions to anyone contemplating home renovations and or additions.  I know you are proud of your company, you have every right to be.  You have achieved the right mix of professionalism, integrity and credibility without sacrificing the personal touch.

Thank you all, for providing us with our dream.

Yours sincerely
Barry and Maryanne Laws

letter16Dear Ray,

I would like to express my thanks to you and your staff for the prompt and efficient manner in which my renovations to my home were carried out by your company.

I am very pleased with the work and would especially like to thank you all for getting the job done so quickly (well before the estimated time).

Your building supervisor, Mr John Harwood was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. He is a real credit to your company. In fact all your employees (including office staff) and contractors who worked in my home upheld the good standards of your company.

Thank you once again and I look forward to any future dealings we may have. I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends.

Yours sincerely,

Gail Clark.

bird-wattlegroveTo Ray Fielder,

Karen and I would like to pass on our thanks to Wal Robbins Additions for a very professional and organised approach to the addition/renovation of our property, beginning with our initial consultation through to the completed item.

We were expecting a very disruptive time during this period, but were presently surprised by the minimal impact it actually had.

Could you please pass on our thanks to all who were involved in this project.  All showed a great deal of professionalism, care and skill.  Our main point of contact was Leigh Weigold (Supervisor) who was easily contacted and able to keep us informed of all the various stages of the project.

We would have no problems in recommending this company to any one wishing to have additions or renovations carried out.

Regards & Thanks
John Bird

 burton-hurlstone-parkDear Sondra,

Thank you for all your assistance with the building of our garage.  It was such a pleasure dealing with you and all your staff and subcontractors.  We have had many compliments on the work and construction. 

Yours sincerely
Kathryn Burton 

 corrigan-st-johns-parkDear Ray,

We are very pleased with the result of this last construction as we are with the previous two, also during all our dealings we were impressed with the courtesy and care shown by yourself and staff.  The level of workmanship is excellent as is your follow up.

Ray, in saying all of the above I truly hope we do not have to call upon your services again.  Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial should you wish.

To all at Wal Robbins Additions, thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Steve Corrigan 


 eyles-quakers-hillAttention: Ray Fielder

Just a short note to say thank you to you, Sondra at the office and all of the team that worked on our 1st floor addition, from John Harwood who was the Supervisor on our job, Bali and the rest of the boys that worked here and also not forgetting Trevor and his team of painters.

The whole job, which consisted of 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and a large lounge room, virtually a complete house built on top of our already existing home, was carried out in a very professional manner with all of the team being very helpful to any and all of our questions and requests.

The compliments we have received on the finished job from our neighbours and people passing by that have watched the masterpiece unfold, from the first tiles coming off the roof to the final coat of paint, have all been very positive.

One of the main comments has been that is doesn’t look like an addition, mainly because of the good brick match and also that the whole job was completed in only fifteen weeks.

A special thank you to John Harwood for his immediate response to any of our request, no matter what time of the day or night

Please pass our thanks onto all the guys & girls

Yours faithfully,
R. Eyles 


francese-edensor-parkTo Ray Fielder

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you Ray for an outstanding job.  We now know why Wal Robbins Additions has such an outstanding reputation.

Firstly we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Bali for supervising the job and keeping everything under control and making the whole job run so smoothly from our eyes.  Whenever we changed our mind on something Bali would see to it straight away being no problem to him.  Hope we did not stress you our too much.

A small note: We have a neighbour who is a supervisor for EBRA and had him inspect your work.  He was very impressed. (not bad hey!)  You should be proud of yourselves to get a good compliment from your opposition – must be outstanding workmanship.

Thank you to all the boys who put a nail, brick, tile, plaster and whatever else into our addition. 

To name a few
Kevin and the boys, Andrew, Dave & Matt, Mick, George & sons, Roger & Ross, Don, Simon, Lloyd

We know there were a few more but we can’t remember your names.  Thank you!

Lastly, THANK YOU John for overseeing the whole thing.  The one biggest problem we had at the start you were here straight away to fix it.

Overall, every worker that stepped into our home came in with respect, manners, cleanliness and at no time did we feel an invasion of our privacy.

Thank you so much.



freestone-milperraDear Ray

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for building our renovations.  It was very frustrating trying to find a builder just to come out and have a look at what we wanted to do, let along get a quote!

So when I rang Wal Robbins and you came out within one week, had a look, sat down and discussed with us what we wanted and made some improvements on the plans we had, then had a professionally typed quote within two weeks, we were sold!

We must compliment you on your team of builders.

From Leigh, who was constantly here checking on the progress and who got “his hands dirty” on quite a few occasions.  He was very professional and organised; he had everything running smoothly the whole time.  He was extremely helpful and patient when we had any queries or questions.

To Craig and Ben, who had to contend with a lot of mud and never complained – it rained constantly for a couple of weeks, as soon as they dug the first hole.  Kev and Justin, Paul, Don and Sondra in the office and everybody else who had a hand in.

They were all very thorough, efficient and friendly and took the time to say hello and have a chat.  I was at home most of the time and felt very comfortable with them there.

Please pass on our thanks to them all.

The job took a bit longer than anticipated but we got there in the end and the house looks great.
Once again, thank you for being our builder.
If we were ever in need of a builder in the future we would not hesitate in giving you another call.
We have already recommended you to friends of ours.

Sandra and Tony Freestone


miskel-martin-wattle-groveTo John & Ray,

We are writing to express our happiness at the extension you completed at our home in Wattle Grove.

Despite factors such as weather hampering the process at times, the open lines of communication between ourselves and John kept frustration at bay.  John was always available to discuss concerns and offer solutions.  We understand the difficulties on this particular job, as altering an already two-storey home is far more difficult than simply adding a level to a single storey house.  As clients, I’m sure we were one of the more difficult, with us being, one a builder and two, being quite fussy.  At all times, our suggestions and questions were respected and addressed.  John deserves special gratitude for his putting up with us.

The end result is a credit to your company.  We have had many strangers walking by who have commented positively on the perfect brick match and the fact that the house looks as though the extensions were part of the original home.  In fact, the house now looks less like an extension than the original design.

The internal design of the second storey has also been widely commended by those who come in for a look.  The layout and use of space always impress people.

Once again, please accept our thanks and we would have no hesitation at recommending you to anyone who may be interested in extending.  In fact, we have already given your number to people we know as well as strangers walking by who have inquired.


Grant Miskell and Joanne Martin 


warner-annandale-1Dear Ray,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the fantastic work that was completed at 120 Nelson St Annandale.

As a second time around customer, if we thought the first job at West St was well done, then this was something truly amazing!  You will remember the state of Nelson St when John and yourself first came to see it – you held your noses and wanted to get out of there as quick as you could.  I had to take you to lunch to beg you to take it on as a project.  But as a “customer” there was no question that you would help me!

We were the classic nightmare couple – we wanted it to be so beautifully renovated and structurally repaired on a tiny tiny budget – of course.  This meant a lot of fiddle from your perspective to re-cost and compromise to get us what we wanted – without ever compromising your high quality.

Your team of guys are as well mannered and immaculate as I remembered them from last time and I really love working with John, even though this time around I think I may have been relegated into his “dog” pile!

It was such a relief to Steve and I to know that we had the best guys for the job and that you would take it on and be as attentive of our needs as if it was a great paying, brand new development.

Please pass on our thanks and congratulations to your team.

You must come around for a new inspection – you wouldn’t recognise the place, it looks and even smells fantastic!  We look forward to many happy years in our new home – but of course, we’ll call you when its time for the next big challenge.

Kind Regards

Leanne & Steve Warner 


sutton-rosevilleDear Ray

We would like to express our thanks to you and your staff for doing such a wonderful job and allowing us to remain in our home during the renovation.  On reading back through the feedback comments on your website, we can relate to almost every one of those comments and agree with your other clients.

A special thanks to our Building Supervisor, John Harwood who was always approachable, easy to talk to and remained professional, courteous and efficient at all times.  John was always contactable and a true gentleman who made our renovation experience a very positive one.

I must also mention that I was so impressed by your employees and sub contractors who were so pleasant to have around, courteous, well mannered and appeared happy to be there.  Thanks to Mick for all his hard yakka, Dave for his patience and Elie for his assistance, ideas and hard work.

Thank you Ray for upholding the good standards of your company right through to the end.  This has resulted in a stress free relationship and a beautiful addition to our home.  Many people comment on the high quality and standard of the extension and how well it has matched in with the original home.

We have no hesitation in recommending your company.


Brad and Maree Sutton 


warner-annandaleDear John, Ray, Mick, Dave and all the gang,

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for another wonderful Wal Robbins experience at Nelson St.  It is wonderful to know that we are in good hands and the extra effort that goes into making us happy is very much appreciated.  (C’mon I’m not that demanding).  It was a shame that because of my work I couldn’t spend more time having cups of tea with my friend John – maybe next time.

It is always a pleasure to deal with you all.

Take good care (until the next one)

Leanne & Steve Warner 


telecan-edensor-parkTo: The Team At Wal Robbins

Being within the building trade, we have become aware of the inconveniences renovating can impose upon homeowners.  Consequently, we were quite reluctant to start renovating our home.

Despite such fears, we decided to employ your services and fortunately enough, your work has greatly exceeded our expectations.  The service you provided was of the highest standard, both in efficiency and effectiveness.  We are extremely grateful of the caution you exercised around our home belongings and the care you took in making minimal disruption to our way of life and in respecting our privacy.

As a result, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you immensely for your service.

Your work has been greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Michael and Lidija Telecan 


slane-wattle-groveDear Ray


It has now been a couple of months since the completion of renovations to our house and we write to express our thanks for all the effort put in by everyone from Wal Robbins.  We are extremely delighted with the outcome and are now enjoying our new house.

We had no problems during the renovations with any of the tradesmen from Wal Robbins and even when we did have a query or two, it was attended to immediately.  In particular, we would like to express our thanks to John, the Building Supervisor, and of course, both Andrew and David, who were regulars at our place.

We had heard disastrous stories about renovations carried out, however, we were proud to say that ours went smoothly.

Once again, thank you for everything and we are delighted to say we would recommend Wal Robbins to anyone.  In fact, we’ve already had a few people knock on our door asking who carried out the extension.

Yours sincerely,



 mchugh-riverstoneTo: Wal Robbins Additions Pty Ltd
Unit 1/115 Woodpark Rd

To the dedicated team

We would like to thank and acknowledge the people involved in planning, implementing and completing the project of additions to our home.  The professionalism from the time we contacted Wal Robbins for our initial quote was outstanding.  Thank you, Ray.

The team of carpenters and tradesmen, particularly Troy and Paul, we thank you for your work and respect of our home throughout the process.

We would particularly like to thank John Harwood for his organization and efficiency.  At times, John, you went out of your way and we acknowledge this.  Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Danny & Georgina McHugh 


 michell-greenfield-parkDear Sondra,

I would like to take this opportunity to express how delighted my wife and I are with the home extension, which Wal Robbins completed earlier this year.  The new room has transformed our home and its finish, garden vista and access are a daily source of pleasure.

We were also very pleased with the timeliness, responsiveness and quality of the workmanship throughout the building process.  I therefore would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone considering additions to their home.

With best wishes for your business in the New Year,

Michael and Soarthy Michell

NSW 2176