House Renovation Sydney - Testimonial Dear Ray,

I have great pleasure in writing you this letter.

About your team of workers - I have had the pleasure of getting to know them all. Everyone involved in the process of our renovations, everyone of your team is a gem - you should be proud to have had them working for you. They work together as one, a strong hard working team.

When I first thought of renovating I looked around and called a few builders. I went with my instincts and selected Wal Robbins Additions, ably represented by your Design consultant John Bittar.

Your Project Manager John Harwood is amazing. He was able to create the reality of what was in my mind for my renovations. John took the time to understand how I wanted things to look and what I wanted to achieve - I got what I wanted!

I have great pleasure in letting you know that he controlled the whole project with great understanding, skill, integrity and honesty, coupled with his natural ability to deal with people. Ray, John Harwood is a huge asset to your company.

What an amazing team you have. Everyone that had anything to do with my renovations were all hard working, with great teamwork and camaraderie.

I thank you all for making this the best house on the street. I will always recommend Wal Robbins Additions to everyone who is planning to renovate their homes.

Sincerely Yours

Francesca Dornan

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