Home Renovation Sydney - TestimonialRay and the team and Wal Robbins,

I just wanted to let you all know just how much I appreciate the fabulous work at 23 Onyx. The renovations have exceeded expectations on all fronts - the workmanship and detail is superb and the team was a pleasure to deal with.

I know I have sent a thank you note for the Christmas party where I noted the great fun we have had - but I wanted to follow up now that the job is almost complete and I am enjoying my new home. A home is something you spend and extraordinary amount of time in, it is where you have all your special celebrations and it will be where we watch Max grow up. I just can't express how much I appreciate the hard work that has transformed our little home into a beautiful living space which we love. The new bedrooms and bathroom are just what we wanted and the new back room and kitchen are just amazing - this is our favorite part of the renovation.

I particularly want to thank Andrew and Nathan for their work -without walls, floors, windows, doors and a roof - I would be living in a tent at 23 Onyx Rd - so their contribution has been huge!! They are exceptional carpenters and in particular the floorboards, peak window and back deck are beautiful! So many other tradesmen I have had in have complimented their work as have all my friends and family. They were both incredibly thoughtful about the detail, to make it perfect. They were both a pleasure to deal with and extremely professional throughout - I can't thank them enough for their input on a home that I will enjoy for a long time.

Also wanted to particularly pass on my thanks to Leigh who has done a great job managing the project - he has made a pretty stressful time (renovating while living with parents) - not very stressful at all! He has been a great communicator throughout the project and has ensured that things run as smoothly as possible. We had a few bumps because my house is so old and some things needed to be replaced or fixed but I was always confident in his decisions and the result is amazing. I had neighbours commenting on how there were people on site almost every day throughout the project - which I know this is due to how well the project was supervised. It is hard managing expectations of people who desperately want things finished yesterday and clearly don't have a clue what is involved - but Leigh always explained the steps involved, the time lines and the possible issues - I am grateful for this!

I know that so many other people made home what it is - demolition, putting in the steel beam, sinking the piers, laying concrete, lighting, plumbing, tiling, gyprock, clean-up, bricklaying, tiling, aircon etc - please pass on my thanks to all involved! I hope I haven't left anyone out - it is not intentional. All the individuals involved on my renovations have contributed to make it happen and they are without exception - a great bunch of people!

I will refer Wal Robbins Additions with great enthusiasm and I'm happy to give you a reference at any time. Ray - it's such a pleasure working with you and you have a great team that has done a wonderful job for us!

Thanks again!

Monique Perry
Client Service Director

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